8 myth animals dispelled

I’m glad you come again to read at this blog. In this case this post will be funny and very interesting.

This post is about some wrong myth animals.

Myth #1 – One dog year equals about seven human years.

There is a common misconception that dogs are seven years for each calendar year, because the lifespan of a dog is about one seventh in duration to a human’s average lifespan. This model, however, is completely incorrect. In fact, determining the exact age of a particular dog, relative to a human scale, is much more complex than that with the ratio of dog tears to human years varying with the weight, breed, and health condition of the dog.
Myth #2 – Bats are blind
The saying “Blind as a bat”, simply isn’t correct. The truth is that all 1,100 bat species can see an often their vision is pretty good, although, not as good as many other night-hunting animals.
So the truth is, there are no bats which are naturally blind. Some Species use their sense of hearing more than their eyes as a matter of adaptation to a particular lifestyle, but their eyes are still functional.
Myth #3 – Goldfish have a three second memory.
Goldfish don’t have a 3 second memory or even a short memory, as many people believe. Goldfish actually have very good memories for fish. They can be trained to respond various ways to certain colors of light, different kinds of music, and other sensory queues. Not only that, but they seem to be able to remember things they are taught as much as a year later.
Myth #4 – Chameleons change color to match their environment.
Chameleons don’t change color to match their environment. Rather, they change color as a response to mood, temperature, health, communication, and light.
In fact, not all kinds of chameleons have the ability to change color and some only have limited ability for color changing; for instance many types of chameleon can only turn green, brown or gray. Others have the ability to change to a variety of different colors including: pink, blue, red, orange, green, black, brown, blue, yellow, turquoise, and so on.

Thanks for the lecture and I hope this help you to look for information before assume a fact.

Keep studying and see you next time.




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