6-4 The right one for me

Hello my friends.

Remember the infinitive form? We explained that some post ago, but in this case we’ll retake it to explain how use it in the case to give advice.

The to + infinitive after these verbs expresses purpose as it replaces a purpose clause, while the gerund is the object of the verb and refers to a completed action.

  • Don’t forget to meet her at 10 this morning. (= You should meet her at 10…)
  • I’ll never forget meeting her for the first time. (= I’ll never forget when I met her the first time.)
  • When you were in London did you remember to visit the British Museum? (= …did you remember that you should visit the British Museum?)
  • I don’t remember ever visiting this museum. (= I don’t remember if I have ever visited this museum.)
  • We regret to tell you that your application has been rejected. (= We are sorry that we have to tell you…)
  • I regret telling her about the party. (= I am sorry that I have told her about the party.)
  • Wherever you are, go on to read the next chapter. (= Continue with the next chapter.)
  • Go on reading the article. (= Continue reading the article.)
  • We stopped to drink a cup of coffee. (= We stopped in order to drink a cup of coffee.)
  • Why don’t you stop drinking coffee? (= Why don’t you give up drinking coffee?)
  • I tried to give up smoking but I couldn’t. (= I made an attempt to give up smoking but I failed.)
  • I tried giving up smoking but it didn’t help. (= I gave up smoking but it didn’t help.)

After these verbs to + infinitive expresses future, while the gerund refers to past, relative to the time of the verbs.

Keep studying and See you next time.




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