6-3 Trouble in paradise

Hello my friends.

This time we´ll see again the causatives verbs, but in this case we´ll see that exist two forms, the Active and the Passive.

In English, the causative form is used when we don’t do someting ourselves, instead we arrange for someone else to do it for us.

An example of the causitive form is Active Causative

Active Causative

Verbs that take active forms of causative are Let, Make, Have, and Get


Let is used when we want to allow someone to do something.

  • let + agent + verb

Example: She lets me borrow her book.

Make is used when we want to force someone to do something.
  • make + agent + verb

Example: My mother makes me do my home work.


Have is used when we want to give someone the responsbility to do something.

  • have + agent + verb

Example: My English teacher has me do the homework in a week.


Get is used when we want to convince to do something or to trick someone into doing something.

  • get + agent + to + verb
Example: My friends get me to take the test.


Try to practice this because you’ll need it in your life.

Keep studying and See you next time.




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