4-1 It wasn’t me!

Hello my friends.

It’s time to keep asking, like you have read in past post, with Tag Question you can confirm something that somebody said. For that reason we are going to read a little more about the Tag Questions.

What is a tag question?

A tag question is a short question added to the end of a positive or negative statement.

For example:-

He is, isn’t he?
He does, doesn’t he?
He will, won’t he?
He can, can’t he?

How are they formed?

Normally a positive statement is followed by a negative tag, and a negative statement is followed by a positive tag.

For example:-

You’re English, aren’t you?
You’re not German, are you?

We have to keep in mind the next rules:

  • The statement and the tag are always separated by a comma.
  • Treat any statements with nothing, nobody etc like negative statements.
  • The verb in the statement should be the same tense as the verb in the tag.

For example:-

Present tense Present tense
You are a good singer, aren’t you?
Past tense Past tense
You didn’t go to work yesterday, did you?
Present perfect tense Present perfect tense
You have been to London, haven’t you?

It is possible for a positive statement to be followed by a positive tag for even more effect (sarcasm, anger, disbelief, shock, concern etc.).

For example:-

  • Oh you will, will you?
  • You think you’re funny, do you?

Well, friends, it’s all for today, try to keep practicing, and in that way you become so skillful with the english’s use.

See you next time.




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