3-3 Are you honest?

Hello my friend.

It’s time to forget the past and come back to the present. This time try to learn about a way to ask about something that somebody tells you and answering at the same time. I’m talking about the Tag Questions. For example:You speak English, don’t you?

A tag question is a special construction in English. It is a statement followed by a mini-question. The whole sentence is a “tag question”, and the mini-question at the end is called a “question tag”.

We use tag questions at the end of statements to ask for confirmation. They mean something like: “Am I right?” or “Do you agree?” They are very common in English.

The basic structure is:

Statement Taq Question
Positive (+) Negative (-)
Snow is white, isn’t it?
You don’t like me, do you?

Notice that the question tag repeats the auxiliary verb (or main verb when be) from the statement and changes it to negative or positive.

It’s all this time, but in the next post explains more about this. Have fun and see you next time.




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