2-2 It was horrible

Hello my friends.

I hope you have been practicing the past tense, with their regulars and irregular verbs. This time let’s see some excercise of past tense using the WH – Questions.

1. Where did you grow up?

  • I grew up in Texas.

2. When did you come to Los Angeles?

  • I came to Los Angeles in 1990.

3. Why did you become a hairstylist?

  • Because I needed the money.

4. How old were you in 1990?

  • I was eighteen.

5. What was your major in college?

  • It was a Drama.

Remember always use the verbs in past tense when you use verbs on past tense when you ask your question using “did” or when the verb in the question is in past tense.

Keep studying and see you next time.



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